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Outlaw/Queen Anjalii
Outlaw/Queen Anjalii, 29
Acerca de mí:
About me:
Rule 1: I only reply to registered people or those who make sense
Rule 2: If I start a count got 3 chances left before I kick your ass,
Can't ask more than "hi, hello , asl ?" then f time is precious...well here's it is.. 28 Delhi... oh you need fig too? 36-27-36.. got it? now f off cheap wankers..
I reply to all... and my favourite pose is the MATING PRESS
My King: Robert the Bruce, King of Scots
My idol here: Vaidehi Chaturvedi
Bestie: Chandni
My Bhabhi: Ruchika HW
Love ones: Sexy Nazri, Afiya
Online Friend: Monika Gaur,
Sister from Another Mother: Shilpa Rathod 27
My Elsa: Frozen
My Lady Love: Ramya43
My Rival Bhabhi : sävïtäbhäbhï
Sweet Friend: Simran Kaur S
Seduced by another Anjali: Anjalee Sharma
oh and I chose you.... you don't chose me
" I am worth more than the sand castles around me" - by Dom Lesbo my babe